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Health Tips - know The Importance of Car Suspension

By Alex Vincent, Posted on -Aug 27, 2021

Automotive Industry is one field where lot of money is spend in designing a Car and it's components. A car model is rolled out only after it meets the expectations of the team developing the Car. Money spend on research and design results in a Car model that not only ensures the safety and comfort of the occupants in the Car but also gives a feel of luxury.

We enter a store to buy a new car. The store employee greets us with a smiling face and take us inside the showroom. Upon entering the store we inform the store staff of our desire to purchase a car. The shop employee introduces us to some car models as per our wishes and expectations. We choose a model that fits our budget and we book it. Unless someone explains, We have no chance of knowing all the technical details of that car.

In this blog, I would like to elaborate on some of the things you know superficially.

Car Suspension is someting we do not hear so often while talking about cars. Have a look at the Car specifications for two different Car models I have selected.

Toyoto Fortuner

Toyoto Fortuner is a a mid-size SUV. This SUV’s independent suspension setup, with double wishbone in front and four-link coil springs in the rear provide a smooth yet stable ride while off-roading. To showcase the off-road capability camps were setup and the model is experimented.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

The second car I have selected is a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz model car. It is a mid-size sedan and is not built for off-road and challenging terrains. It has Macpherson strut front suspension and Torsion beam rear suspension.

Both the Car models have different sets of Car Suspension for Front wheels and back wheels. Now let’s see what car suspension is and why do we need to know about this. Car suspension is helpful to make the car journey pleasant and safe. Parts associated with Car Suspension are springs, shocks and struts. Struts refer to a type of suspension while shocks and springs are a component of all suspension assemblies.

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Car suspension is meant to protect us when our vehicle travels rough and uneven roads and while crossing speed bumps. While Springs supports the weight of the car, Shocker or Dampers help prevent the car from bouncing up and down.

Let's understand how this works in more detail. Vehicle's suspension and springs move as you ride on uneven roads with bumps, allowing the tyre to stay in contact with the road and absorb the energy. The oil filled shock absorbers dampen the spring movement by converting the kinetic energy of the springs into thermal energy which is then dissipated. It's internal design slow down the suspension’s movement and dampens the compression and rebound of the springs.

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When buying a vehicle a lot of people do not care to know what kind of suspension there is in that vehicle. Suspension is as important as the car engine. In fact, if you are a person who travel long distance by a Car or who loves a ride which is comfortable then you need to be familiar with the types of suspensions and the Car models that uses them.

Many of you may be still wondering why car suspension is so important. The answer is simple. Cars are installed with different types of Car suspensions based on the usage. Some Cars may be used for sporting, some may be for city roads even some cars may be for terrain and off-road usage. Without a suitable car suspension your car wheels will not be on the ground and you may not get the kind of ride you expect.

Before I go deep into the types of Suspension, I want to list the two basic types the suspensions are categorized. They are Dependednt and Independednt.

In the Dependent suspension system a bar connects the left and right wheels, so that they work in tandem. This structure also uses a combination of leaf springs and shock absorbers or coil springs and shock absorbers. Because of it's simple, rugged construction and low manufacturing cost it's used in mass-market vehicles that demand durability and affordability.

Torsion Bar Suspension is a widely used dependent/semi-dependent suspension type.

The torsion bar is a metal rod that is anchored to the car body on one end and the lower suspension Arm on the other. The bar twists as the wheel passes over a bump. When the bump is passed, it returns to its original position, restoring the car to its normal drive height. The bar's resistance to twisting has the same effect as a spring in a more traditional system.

This type is commonly found at the rear. It is often found on more affordable and smaller sedans and hatchbacks like the Honda City.

The second type Independent Suspension System does not feature a bar connecting the two wheels. Instead, both the wheels are provided with spring and shock that acts independently. Bump on one wheel does not affect the other wheel, i.e when one wheel is pushed upwards the other still stays at ground. This gives more comfortable and safe ride.

Independent suspension systems can be used either in front or rear, with the former being common nowadays.

There are Variations in this category also. First one is MacPherson strut suspension.

It is a simple independent suspension design. Almost all the mainstream car makers in the world use this suspension for front wheels. It's based around a basic triangular design in two parts; a lower control arm and a radius rod, which together form a triangle against the car's chassis.

Second variation in the Independent suspension system is Double-Wishbone. It has a complex design with two unequal-length control arms on both the wheels. The suspension offers negative or positive camber depending on the length of the upper and lower arm. Most of the times to acheive better cornering stability, the Suspension is designed for negative camber. The outside wheel of your car when cornering will retain optimal contact on the road—resulting in better grip and handling performance. Meaning, when your car leans over to one side in a corner, the wheel remains perpendicular to the road, which gives your tire the maximum amount of contact with the ground.

Third variation in the independent suspension is Multi-link. It is designed using three or more lateral arms, and one or more longitudinal arms. Best suited for off-road driving. A multi-link suspension allows the vehicle to flex more; this means simply that the suspension is able to move more easily to conform to the varying angles of off-road driving. Multi-link-equipped vehicles are ideally suited for sports such as desert racing.

I think this post will be useful for you.

Many youtube videos showing DIY on Car parts Installation and Repair. I recommend watching them.

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