Health Tips - Know when to change Air Filter

By Alex Vincent, Posted on -Jun 5, 2021

Car restoration is like re-designing an old kitchen to a modern kitchen. Re-conditioning not only gives a new-like appearance, but also gives a good trade in value for the car if you are planning to purchase a new one.

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Car Air Filter

    Combustion process require oxygen for burning fuel. For this purpose every Car is provided with an Air Intake System. This could be a Standard air Intake System or a Cold Air Intake System. A good Air Intake System is required for the engine to run efficiently without fuel wastage. Clean and cold continuous airflow into the engine can help acheive more power and better mileage for the car. Now the question is, why Cold Air is required for car engine?. The answer is pretty simple. In a given volume of Air, more oxygen is included in cold air than warm or hot air.

Air Intake System has a Air Filter as one of it's main component. This blog is about Air Filters used in Cars.

   Like any other Car part, the Air Filter also need maintenance and sometimes needs a replacement. One indication that can tell you that your Car Air Filter gas become dirty is that the Car's Check Engine Light comes ON. A bad Air Filter can cause unusual engine sound, misfiring of engine, wastage of fuel and can reduce horsepower.

   Now, since the Air Filter is one of the essential part of the Air Intake System the question of whether to have or not to have Air Filter will not arise. It prevents dust, debris and other particles from entering the engine cyclinder. Proper functioning of the engine not only require continuos stream of air but also Clean Air.

   You may ask how often should a car engine filter be changed? Car's driven on rural areas may require Air Filter change more often. Most of the User Manuals will tell you when to change the Air Filter. Air Filters are inexpensive and they are one of the easiest parts to replace. Amazon India which sells goods online has many Sellers listed Car Accessories in their store front.

   The product catalogues are very comprehensive and buyers can find every detail of the product in the catalogue. For All the Car Accessories listed on Amazon, you can find a "Check Fit" button with options to select Brand, Model and Type of the Vehicle. This will tell the buyer whether the product is compatible with the Car selected or not.

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